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Both balance trikes and three wheel scooters are great tools for helping your young child develop coordination, confidence and have fun at the same time and choosing which product to buy is often a tough choice. Now there’s an easy choice – the unique 2in1 Zykster from Zycom.

As a scooter, the Zykster features a strong and durable footplate that will provide a sure and firm footing for your child, and will then double as a seat when converted to a balance trike and a solid one piece handle bar with soft comfort grips.

The 125mm front wheel paired with two 100mm rear wheels with ABEC 5 rated wheel bearings provide stability and durability.

To adjust the Zykster 2in1 you will first need to loosen the locking bolt using the brightly coloured knob behind the handle bar. This will then allow the footplate/seat to be raised and securely tightened into position. Raising the footplate/seat is done by pressing the silver button located under the deck and then using the coloured button to raise the platform and when in place, the silver button will lock the platform into position.


  • Wide one piece, non slip footplate which doubles as a seat
  • 125mm front wheel and two 100mm rear wheels, pre-fitted with ABEC 5 rated bearings for a smooth and stable ride.
  • Soft and comfortable handgrips, perfect for smaller hands with durable plastic bar ends.
  • Encourages self confidence and self awareness as well as aiding the development of your child’s co-ordination and fine motor skills.
Zycom Zykster 2 in 1

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