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Welcome to Sk8 or Die. We're an independent skate-shop just outside of Bristol offering a wide range of skate and scooter products from many major brands. We also have our own brand of Baron Skate Clothing & Accessories which we print in-store.

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7 The Triangle, West Hill,
Portishead , Bristol BS20 6PG

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Phone: 01275 840033

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Vallely Elephant Mini w/ Art By Bigfoot.

Reimagined Classic Vallely Elephant Graphic on a New Modern Rider Mini-Shape.
Rides like a Popsicle Stick.

Smaller Scaled Modern Interpretation of the Original Vallely x Powell Peralta Shape from 1988.

Made from 7plys that are 10% Thinner (Lighter) and Built on a Mold that is appropriately Scaled to Accommodate a Rider under 5ft.

Hand Crafted By Master Skateboard Craftsman Paul Schmitt at PS Stix.

Size: 7.75″ x 30″
Wheelbase: 12.75″
Nose: 6.5″
Tail: 6.5″

Black Paint.

Top Graphic:

Elephant Buddha.

Recommended Truck Size: 145


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