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The Trident w/ Art By Kayne Hayes and Josh Yelley.

“Just keep trying.” — Kayne Hayes

Moderately Shaped Street Deck.
Popsicle Tail.

Handcrafted In The USA By Penn’s Wood MFG in Oil City, PA.

Street Plant is Honored to Present our First-Ever Made In The USA Production Model (Non-Limited Edition) Skateboard: The Trident. Manufactured at Penn’s Wood in Oil City, PA, with Top and Bottom Tie Dye Veneers, on 7 Rainbow Plys (7-Plys of Love). Capturing the Spirit of The Street Plant Battalion, Brad Kelly Shaped the Board based off His Favorite Popsicle Shape when He was Growing Up Skating, The Muska Boombox, but added “a little Street Plant Attitude” to the Nose. The Art was Drawn By Kayne Hayes, to whom The Trident Symbolizes His Overcoming bullying, and the Lettering of UNITY on the Handle of the Trident comes from Josh Yelley, to sum up what The Battalion and this Board means to Him. We will forevermore call this Collaborative Group: The Battalion Trifecta!

Size: 8.25” x 32.0”
Wheelbase: 14.25″
Nose: 7.0″
Tail: 6.5″

Street Plant – The Tride...


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