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Love Shower w/ Art By Annabelle Garcia.

Modern Popsicle Rider Shape.

Handcrafted In The USA By Penn’s Wood MFG in Oil City, PA.

Size: 8.0” x 32.25”
Wheelbase: 14.25″
Nose: 7.0″
Tail: 6.625″

Painted White.

Top Graphic:
Annabelle Garcia Signature

Recommended Truck Size: 147


When I first saw this Art By Annabelle Garcia posted on Her Instagram, I was Moved by it, and upon each subsequent viewing, I continue to be Moved by it. It is Open, Optimistic and Hopeful. It Resonates. It is the feeling of Street Plant. And I thought, this is exactly the type of Art I want to see on Street Plant Skateboards, so I reached out to Annabelle and Expressed a Sincere Interest in putting her Work on a Street Plant Board. She was so cool about it, and the exchange of Energy has not only led to a Skateboard that we are Truly Elated to Present, but also to a Friendship we are Grateful for. What comes from the Heart goes to the Heart! Thank You, Annabelle, for Sharing Your Art with us and The World. Much Love!

Mike Vallely

Street Plant – Love Show...


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