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Vallely Lance Plant Board w/ Art By Lance Mountain.

New Art, on Mike Vallely’s Classic Powell Peralta Shape from 1988, w/ Modern Concave.

Hand Crafted By Master Skateboard Craftsman Paul Schmitt at PS Stix.

Size: 9.875″ x 30.125″
Wheelbase: 15″
Nose: 4.375″
Tail: 6.625″

Fluorescent Orange Paint.

Top Graphic:

Lance Plant Parking Block.

Recommended Truck Size: 151

About The Art:

This Graphic on this shape (my Original Powell Peralta Shape from 1988) completes a circle. It was Lance who’s Skating spoke to me and who Inspired me to seek Freedom in my Skating in 1984. It was Lance who “discovered” me in Virginia Beach, VA in 1986 and introduced me to Stacy Peralta, thus starting my Skateboard Career. It was Lance who was my Mentor and my Friend as a sponsored and Pro Skater for Powell Peralta, a Touchstone for Everything I Loved about Pro Skating. And it was Lance who continually gave me Encouragement and Strength through all the years in the Wilderness trying to figure it out. No other Pro Skater has meant so much to me, or has been a part of my Life in such a Profound way. And so, when we started Street Plant, having Lance do a Graphic for me was Very Meaningful. But we couldn’t let this one just go away, it simply means too much to me. Thank You Lance!

Mike Vallely

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