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Push-button adjustability, comfort and great control to ensure the right performing components are fully utilized and enjoyed. Helmet, wristguards, knee pads and elbow pads included.
All our kids skates feature a 4 sizes expandable shell. You must refer to the information written on the box to know the size range. To enlarge the skate, press the button and slide the toe box forward.

Technical Information:

  • Rollerblade 4×72 / 80A
  • Shell/Upper: Spitfire 4 sizes expandable
  • Liner: Junior 5 Star Fit
  • Frame: Monocoque composite (max 76mm wheels)
  • Cuff Buckle, 45° Strap, laces
  • Bearings SG3Small – UK 10J – UK 13J

    Medium – UK 1 – UK 4

    Large – UK 4 – UK 7

Rollerblade 2016 Spitfire Cube

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