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Introducing the Fusion 11ft Paddle Co. ISUP. which combines the benefits of an all-rounder board with that of a pointy touring nose, offering the best of balance and speed.

The 11ft Fusion ISUP offers a step up from our traditional 11ft, it’s design allows more experienced paddlers to deliver greater speed and performance when in the water. While still allowing beginners to enjoy the benefits of an increased speed, further glide across the water and faster turning. This board allows paddlers of all abilities to grow with it as their ability improves.

The Fusion 11ft is made with The Paddle Co. Drop stitch fusion construction offering a more lightweight but stiffer board. It benefits from:

  1. More stiffness, offering greater balance for the paddler.
  2. Smoother cosmetic finish with a thicker deck-pad, resulting in greater grip on the board.
  3. Stronger grab handles and material across the board creating a more durable package.
  4. Fusion is lighter than our previous boards, making your trip to and from the water easier, without negatively affecting ride quality.

The Paddle Co. 11ft Fusion offers riders the best ISUP construction on the market whilst ensuring the best value for money.

The Paddle Co. was founded by two friends from West Sussex with the aim of reducing the high cost of paddle boarding. We believe everyone should have access to paddle boards at a reasonable price. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to produce a high quality board that gives everyone the opportunity to paddle! Our aim is to become one of the most trusted UK ISUP brands.

ISUP Fusion ISUP Fusion Inflatable Paddle ...


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