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As part of the “Est.” segment on the Berrics website, Williams revealed in 2012 that the idea of DGK “really came out of nowhere”, further explaining that the company was built upon the Gold skateboard wheels brand that he co-owned with his good friend Eli Soto. Williams stated in the interview that the “Dirty Ghetto Kids” name was thought of fairly immediately, elaborating that he “didn’t really second-guess”, as it was what he “really wanted to do”. Williams also explained that he created a brand that was consciously different from the expectations that preceded the official launch, such as the rumor that Williams was going to only recruit African-American skateboarders.

In September 2009, the recruitment of Williams’ close friend and skateboarding partner Josh Kalis was announced. Kalis, formerly of the Alien Workshop brand, skated together with Williams during the 1990s in Philadelphia, U.S. at the LOVE Park location. Both Kalis and Williams filmed often with William Strobeck. Their skateboarding during the period was documented in numerous videos, including the ON Video series, Transworld SKATEboarding’The Reason.

In December 2010, Rodrigo Teixeira announced his departure from Flip Skateboards and the official statement from the company read: “Everyone at Flip would like to thank Rodrigo for all the good times and wish him all the best for the future.” Teixeira subsequently joined the roster of DGK and explained his decision in a January 2011 interview: “I feel like it was time for me to make a move and do what I wanted to do. With DGK we are into the same things. We can all kick it and skate at the same spot. It’s just more who I am.”

DGK collaborated with the Zero Skateboards company, founded and owned by professional skateboarder Jamie Thomas, in mid 2011 on the “Fresh ‘Til Death project. The two companies completed a U.S. tour together and released products—the Zero “Dirty” and the “Dirty Zero Kids” series of skateboard decks—following the tour. The collaboration was the result of an airplane conversation between Kalis and Thomas in early 2011.

Williams announced the establishment of the “Da Playground” indoor training facility in 2011—the facility is located in Atlanta, Georgia, US and its main purpose is to provide a location for the DGK team to skate. However, footage that has been filmed inside the facility has also featured non-DGK skateboarders.

Williams spoke with The Wall Street Journal in July 2012 to promote the expansion of the brand into the Macy’s department store chain. In response to a question regarding the financial growth that follows the expansion, Williams explained:

My personal goal is, like, I want my son and daughter to be old enough that their still around to where they can remember that, you know, daddy’s company DGK is, like, on the billboards, or maybe commercials on TV, and, you know, those are the things that I like to pride myself on. Because I can tell them, “Once upon a time” stories that were real, but can actually let them know that you can defy adversity.

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