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Creature Malt Sliquor Yellow LG Everslick Deck 8.8″

Creature Skateboards “Lurk With Us”

Originally founded by former SMA team manager Russ Pope, Creature skateboards’ first incarnation was somewhat short-lived with original riders being Barker Barrett, Jason Adams and Darren Navarrette.
Jason Adams and Russ Pope left to start Scarecrow skateboards in 1995.

Creature Skateboards went on temporary hiatus until NHS Distribution breathed life back into the brand in the early 00’s, putting Lee Charron and Darren Navarrette in charge of the reborn brand.
Since its rebirth Creature has gone on to become a stalwart brand and for a while, one of the most popular brands in the world, in part due to the resurgence of interest in transition skateboarding and in equal part due to its highly distinctive B-movie inspired graphics.

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Creature have released four full-length videos since their rebirth: Born Dead (2006)Black Metal (2007)Hesh Law (2009) and CSFU (2013) all of which have retained Creature’s distinctive aesthetic.
Creature’s latest offering ‘The Creature Video’ dropped in 2017 and is currently available to buy.

Creature Skateboards are also known for manufacturing some of the largest skateboards on the market due to the brand’s appeal to transition skaters.

Creatures current team consists of: Al Partanen, Chris Russell, Corey Juneau, Darren Navarrette, Jimmy Wilkins, Stu Graham, David Gravette, Kevin Baekkel, Milton Martinez, Peter Raffin, Ryan Reyes, Sam Hitz, Taylor Bingaman, Truman Hooker and Willis Kimbel.

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Watch some videos of Creature skaters on Youtube here.

Creature Malt Sliquor Yellow LG Everslick Deck 8.8" Creature Malt Sliquor Yellow L...

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