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Bones Vato Hardware 1” Phillips (8 pack)


8 black screws with white painted heads
8 silver nuts

Bones Bearings are the bearings that every other skateboard brand uses to compare their products. This speaks volumes about the brand and how they’ve become the gold standard for all skateboard bearings. Bones bearings chooses not to put an ABEC rating on their bearings because it doesn’t make sense on a skateboard bearing. ABEC ratings measure the tolerance of a bearing, so a higher ABEC rating means it can spin much faster in a machine, but this is not actually helpful when ranking skateboard bearings. Since George Powell created these are the world’s first bearings designed specifically for skateboarding, he decided to leave off any mention of ABEC rating and instead calls his bearings Skate Rated.

Lots of people ask what the difference is between Reds and Swiss, lots of the boxes look similar and have similar bearing names (IE: Swiss Ceramics vs Reds Ceramics).
Originally all the Bones bearings were designed at their factory in Switzerland and they changed the skateboard bearing game. But after years of this Bones realized they wanted to let out another version of their bearings at a more affordable price point. Anything with the Swiss label on it is made at the Switzerland factory still, but anything with the Reds label on it is made in China which brings down the costs considerably.

Bones Wheels are the most popular skateboard wheels on the market. They are one of the only skateboard companies who still manufactures their products in the USA, which is a pretty cool selling feature. Bones still pour their custom urethane formula in Santa Barbara, California. There is a lot of information you need to know when buying a skateboard wheel. The three big things you’re going to look for are sizedurometer and shape.

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Bones Hardware Vato 1'' Phillips (8 pack) Bones Vato Hardware 1” P...


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